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Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Colorado Springs

Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing – Colorado Springs


Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc. is dedicated to the physical and emotional
rehabilitation of disabled active military service personnel and veterans
through fly fishing and fly tying education and outings.

This site is for the Colorado Springs Area program serving Colorado Springs, Fort Carson,
Peterson AFB, Schriever AFB, USAFA, and the surrounding area.


Check out AskAboutFlyFishing.com’s podcast with
our very own Rocky Mountain Regional Coordinator, Steve Perry!


Local Contacts:

Pete Lofy – Program Lead – pete.lofy@phwff-coloradosprings.org
Steve Hock – Deputy Program Lead – stephen.hock@phwff-coloradosprings.org
Brian Christensen – Participants and Volunteers Lead – brian.christensen@phwff-coloradosprings.org
Jonathan Kiley – Training Lead – jonathan.kiley@phwff-coloradosprings.org
Frank Ortega – Special Events Lead – frank.ortega@phwff-coloradosprings.org
Kiley Battaglin – Veteran Coordinator – klbattaglin@msn.com
Tom Farel – Ft Carson Coordinator – tdfarel@aol.com
Rob Martin – Trip Planning Lead – waldo_cf18@hotmail.com
Aaron Simpson – Volunteer and Equipment Coordinator – aaron.simpson@phwffcoloradosprings.org
Graphics Coordinator – Vacant
Allyn Kratz – Finance Lead – allyn.kratz@phwff-coloradosprings.org
IT Coordinator / Webmaster – Vacant (interim by Jerry Griffin – jerry@phwffcoloradosprings.org)

Fort Carson WTB Outreach:

Outreach Program Manager @ SFAC
Yvette M Allen
719-526-0316 office