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A significant reason why Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing – Colorado Springs is successful and growing to meet an ever-increasing demand, year after year, is because we receive generous and consistent support from individuals, foundations and trusts, local businesses and organizations. We have seen a 600% growth in the number of veterans we serve in the Pikes Peak region and Southern Colorado, conducting a variety of classes and fishing outings in service of our mission. Support, whether it means becoming a sponsor, hosting an event, or donating directly, comes with many rewards.

First and foremost, you can be satisfied that you are lending your support to a worthy cause. PHWFF – COS seeks to serve a population of well over 41,000 disabled veterans who meet the Project Healing Waters eligibility criteria in Southern Colorado. PHWFF – Colorado Springs works hard to assist disabled veterans as they recover and overcome physical and emotional injuries. Support means becoming an integral and critical part of that process and improving the wellbeing of local communities by raising awareness of veteran-related issues.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

— Aesop

“We could never imagine a more rewarding sponsorship for Cutthroat Anglers than supporting Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing.”

— Jim B., Cutthroat Anglers

“We have been fortunate to witness first hand just how therapeutic fly fishing can be for veterans, via settings that promote mindfulness in some of the most beautiful venues imaginable. We continue to be benefactors of the friendships that have resulted from our support of local programs and we are extremely appreciative of the recognition Cutthroat Anglers has received for supporting our military personnel. Simply irreplaceable.”

PHWFF- Colorado Springs relies on the generosity of sponsors, supporters and partners
to resource our program.

While we receive invaluable support (liability coverage, training, technical and administrative support) from Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc., we must raise almost all of our annual budget with your support. Our sponsors annually donate funds, or goods/services which can be liquidated, for direct use in paying program expenses. Our program supporters annually donate goods or services which assist the program in providing services to our participants. Finally, our partners share a common goal or interest with PHWFF-COS and assist the program in providing services to our participants, increasing awareness of the program, or any other number of supporting efforts.

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Our program works because generous hosts provide our participants:

  • opportunities to fish on their water
  • join them for meals
  • stay at their facilities

If you would like to host our Colorado Springs participants for all or any portion of the above list, please fill out this form. We will work with you to provide any of the missing pieces for an event.



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